The GSPI is very proud to announce the launch of MAPMAKER, an unprecedented visualisation tool that will help policy-makers access and understand data about marine biodiversity change.

This tool is the result of a collaboration between IUCN and ETHZ that was initiated thanks to the grant and support received in the framework of the GSPI Impact Collaboration Programme.

Over a year, the team worked together to translate existing plankton species observational data and statistical models into scenarios of future biodiversity change. These projections are now accessible through an interactive webtool. Critical information on marine plankton biodiversity has also been synthesized and made public through an inspiring multimedia webpage

These tools bridge a critical knowledge gap that hampered data-driven decision-making on marine biodiversity protection at the international policy level up to now and contribute to catalysing knowledge transfer across the science-policy-society interface. 

As parties to COP26 gather in a few weeks to take forward action on protecting critical ecosystems, the existence of MAPMAKER will be key to supporting global efforts in the area of marine conservation.