What we do

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Collaboration Brokering

We support impactful collaborations involving scientific, policy and implementation actors through grants, network mobilisation and targeted advice.

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Field Building

We contribute to the advancement, professionalisation and recognition of the science-policy field in Geneva and beyond through knowledge, tools and capacity building for successful science-policy engagement.

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Knowledge Brokering

We work with experts to synthesise rigorous knowledge into digestible and actionable insights targeted at policy and implementation actors.

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Learning workshop for the EPFL PhD Excellence Program

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Collaboration projects

Equitable access to outer space: specifying new regulatory needs for radio spectrum management [ICP 2023]

This project aims to support the update of the ITU Radio Regulations with evidence-based insights through an analysis of existing national strategies in terms of space infrastructure.

Supporting the routine use of evidence during the health policy-making process: a pilot project of World Health Organization checklist [ICP 2023]

This project aims to pilot the application of a new WHO guidance which assists countries in institutionalising their evidence-informed policy-making processes.

Satellite imagery as evidence in international justice proceedings [ICP 2022]

Images acquired by satellites have become key sources of information and evidence within the international criminal justice system. The project aims to develop a focused training program to close the knowledge gap between the legal professionals and the satellite imagery experts.

A global diabetes research agenda [ICP 2022]

This project seeks to address the research-policy gap in the field of diabetes by developing a policy-relevant, scientifically rigorous global research agenda on diabetes that can be acted upon by the newly launched WHO’s Global Diabetes Compact.

A toolbox for measuring immigrant integration and inform programming [ICP 2022]

This project seeks to bring more effective policy expertise in the management of migration in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region in order to address migrants’ needs and increase social cohesion between migrant and local communities.

Mitigating the unintended humanitarian impacts of UN targeted sanctions [ICP 2021]

This project seeks to bring together UN Sanctions scholars with global humanitarian actors to explore ways to ameliorate the humanitarian consequences of UN targeted sanctions.

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