Science-policy interactions are first and foremost dynamic social processes that rely to a great extent on the skills, networks and experiential knowledge of individuals and organisations. These actors know how to span the boundary between science and policy to design and facilitate engagement processes between scientists and other actors with the aim of enriching policy-making and/or knowledge production.

While boundary spanning as a field of practice is getting increasing recognition, incentives and resources for individuals and organisations engaging in this kind of activities remain scarce. Many opportunities for impactful collaboration are lost and the potential of impact of existing relationships remain untapped.

The Geneva ecosystem is a place where many boundary arrangements are crafted on a regular basis, from the most formal and long-term set-up to more organic or innovative formats. The Learning @ the Boundary Programme aims to strengthen in a practical way the development and dissemination of this expertise and contribute to enhance capacity in this field.

What is the Learning @ the Boundary programme

  1. A network of skilled and self-aware boundary spanners that can contribute cutting-edge knowledge, skills, best practices, networking and information-sharing opportunities on effective science-policy impact pathways across the main thematic areas of the Geneva ecosystem;
  2. A series of mutual learning opportunities for scientists, policy professionals and intermediaries willing to contribute to develop science-informed policymaking in practice.

If you want to join the L@B network or enhance your boundary-spanning skills; please contact frederique(dot)guerin(at)unige(dot)ch