Digitizing Clinical Guidelines for the Management of Childhood Illness in Primary Care in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs)

In order to improve the quality of care and optimize medical prescriptions to treat children’s acute illnesses in LMICs, several humanitarian and development organisations and scientific institutions have developed electronic versions of the clinical pathway prescribed by the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI).

The creation of these digital tools – taking into account contextualised users’ experience – led to modifications of the clinical pathway content and generated critical learning for further efforts to promote and harmonise the digitisation of clinical guidelines.

These innovative digitalisation processes not only conform to the WHO’s resolution on digital health and the introduction of the Principles of Donor Alignment for Digital Health; but are also in line with global efforts to improve the harmonisation of e-health services and enhance the coordination of global health actors in this arena.

The GSPI, in partnership with the Geneva Health Forum, has initiated a working group. Gathering scientists, NGOs, policy actors and practitioners, the working group conducts comparative assessments of the electronic clinical decision support (eCDS) tools developed and introduced in a number of LMICs, and draws recommendations to harmonise the digitalisation, adaptation and iterative improvement of the IMCI.

Results will be published in a White Paper and discussed in the Geneva Health Forum on 24-26 March 2020.

For more information, please contact Frédérique Guérin at frederique.guerin@unige.ch