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Evidence-Based Thinking in Practice Series

Evidence-based thinking is fundamental to design effective policies and programmes that tackle complex global challenges. International policy and implementation organisations are currently undertaking efforts to strengthen their internal capacity for evidence-based thinking to address a series of practical challenges, such as:

  • How to secure solid evidence when planning interventions and monitoring their impact?
  • How to find and leverage existing data effectively? How to best and most rapidly produce high-quality, synthesised research for concrete uses by target stakeholders?
  • How to consider complexity and uncertainty most efficiently in decision-making?
Evidence-based Thinking brainstorm, Geneva Science Policy Interface


Evidence-Based Thinking in Practice is a series of community events held every quarter since June 2019, focusing on challenges for evidence-based thinking in policy and practice in the Geneva ecosystem. Speakers from science and policy communities present their experiences for an open and engaging 90-minute discussion.


Evidence-Based Thinking in Practice events are designed with, and for, professionals engaged in strategic planning, research management or production, and science-policy collaboration functions within the international community and private organisations in the Geneva region.


If you would like to offer suggestions, speak at, or attend this event series, please get in touch with us at