What we do

Knowledge brokering

Tailored knowledge for international decision-making.

We know that timing, digestible formats and human interactions can result in higher research uptake and better decisions. As such, we develop decision-relevant publications and events to support policy and enable science to achieve its social impact.

We work with academic experts to produce policy briefs, which are scientifically robust yet concise digests of knowledge. We engage with policy actors during the production process in order to ensure the brief’s relevance to real-world challenges and needs.

Our process is the following and builds on our knowledge brokering publication. For each policy brief, we:

Identify policy-relevant topics for which scientific knowledge can make a difference.

Form a group of authors who contribute their scientific expertise.

Plan a production process including synthesis, stakeholder consultation and reviews from end-users.

Facilitate engagement with international policy processes and disseminate the insights through the media, conferences in Geneva and abroad, virtual events, in Geneva and abroad., and facilitate engagement with we make contributions to international policy processes.

Re-evaluate Assess continuously our approach and improve our knowledge brokering strategy.

Get in touch with us:

  • if you come from the policy world and need specific expertise
  • if you are a natural or social scientist and wish to translate your research into impact

Please note that we do not publish unsolicited policy briefs.

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