During our first two years of activity, we have led experimental activities to identify where the GSPI could add the most value as a new entity acting at the boundary between science and policy. There is a great deal of thematic issues, policy processes and research programmes that need policy actors and scientists to work together within the International Geneva ecosystem. But there have also been little resources, knowledge and know-how actually available for policy entrepreneurs and scientists who strive to overcome the barriers that traditionally hamper science-policy collaborations. By building an adaptive programme of work, the GSPI has has grown as an established actor dedicated to help boundary-spanners build their own processes and realise their vision.

You can learn more by downloading our 2018-2020 activity report.

Table of contents: 

  • Introduction
  • Activity report
    • Knowledge brokering
    • Collaboration brokering
    • Field building
    • GSPI Capacities
      • Network
      • Communication
      • Governance
      • Operations
  • Annex: snapshot of events & speaking engagements (2018-2020)