The Art of Brokering Knowledge

This webpage is for the scientists and boundary spanners who aim to translate scientific knowledge into policy impact. Knowledge brokering (KB) refers to the production, synthesis, and dissemination of knowledge in a timely and relevant manner. As such, KB aims to overcome several of the barriers that hinder research uptake in international policymaking. This page briefly outlines some of the best practices and resources for successful knowledge brokering projects. Please reach out to us if you want to discuss your project.

Ingredients for successful knowledge brokering

To successfully translate scientific knowledge into policy impact, it is important that you design your KB projects with the following considerations in mind:

A process for brokering knowledge

To make sure that the above is achieved, we recommend that you follow this iterative process. In particular, we recommend planning the dissemination and engagement as early as possible such that, by the time you have produced content, you already have established networks to help your dissemination.

Writing for policy audiences

When producing content, we recommend checking for the following guidance and using the tips below. Be clear and concise!