What we do

Field building

The GSPI contributes to produce and disseminate existing or new knowledge in the field of science-policy engagement, as well as practical tools and learning opportunities, with the aim to enhance collaborative skills and culture between science, policy and implementation actors.

Taken together, these activities should create a more enabling environment for impactful science-policy collaborations and position Geneva as a hub for evidence-based thinking in the field of global governance.

Our field building work focuses on the professionalisation of practices at the science-policy interface through the following activities:

We advance knowledge and practice on science policy engagement mechanisms by identifying relevant approaches, collecting data and supporting reflexive learning throughout our activities.

We equip science and policy actors with knowledge and skills on fostering evidence-based policy-making by developing and providing training programs and learning opportunities.

We channel financial and human resources into science-policy projects by identifying suitable funding schemes and motivating careers at the science-policy interface.

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