Trainings for Adaptive Decision-making

The GSPI is partnering with the Simon Institute for Longterm Governance to develop training programs to help decision-makers handle complex decision-making scenarios. Drawing from the behavioural and systems sciences, we design immersive, short programs aimed at training policy professionals and diplomats to integrate scientific evidence in their decision-making processes.

While handling uncertainty often is attributed to the quality of information provision, we believe that decision-makers need tools to process information faster, transparently and reliably. The ability to make good decisions while facing time-pressure, information overload and complexity is what we call Adaptive Decision-making.

These trainings adequately complement the GSPI’s activities portfolio and our layers of intervention. In addition to focusing on brokering collaborations and knowledge at the boundary of science and policy, we now also pilot trainings and learning opportunities to improve evidence-informed decision-making and to support effective science-policy engagement in the International Geneva ecosystem.

If you are interested in organising a training session with us, please reach out to our science-policy officer, Maxime Stauffer, at maxime.stauffer(at)unige(dot).ch.

Current projects

  1. Navigating uncertainty, complexity and information overload
  2. Pandemic Resilience: a Table-top Exercise
  3. Policy prioritization through Multicriteria Decision Analysis