As part of its ‘build phase’ (2018-2020), the GSPI executive team focuses particularly on three transversal objectives:

  1. To build the GSPI network;
  2. To undertake trial activities in support of science-policy collaborations; and
  3. To build internal capacity.

Together, these objectives are as much about having an impact as they are about learning and fine-tuning our ways of working.

The GSPI Activity Report 2019 is an account of progress made and activities undertaken under these three objectives.


Activity Report Contents

  • A message from GSPI’s Executive Director
  • Review of progress made
    • Objective 1: Building the GSPI Network
      • Overall progress
      • Academic network
      • International Geneva network
      • GSPI fellows
      • Strategic positioning with other actors and platforms
    • Objective 2: Undertaking trial interfacing activities
      • Collaboration brokering
      • Knowledge brokering
      • Field building
        • Events
        • Speaking opportunities
        • Think pieces
    • Objective 3: Building the GSPI’s capacity, infrastructure and financial sustainability
        • Governance
        • Operations
        • Internal capacity
        • Communication
      • List of GSPI events
      • Snapshot of 2019 GSPI Network & Partners